Reila (syrenshaeda) wrote in bungee_love,

Hello :3

Brand new, never listened to :3
Selling this for $15 plus shipping/packing

Bought at one of their concerts back in '06. Never worn, only tried on. Size medium.
$32 plus shipping/packaging.

The items are shipped from Norway.
I take Paypal :3
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This is late, but... is the shirt still avaible?
I didn't see this post before and wanted to ask what it would cost when you have to ship it to Germany... '____'
It's still available, yes :3
I'm not entirely sure, but I think it'll cost $12/8€ ^^
Ahhh okay *_* I have to ask my mother to pay it, but I guess she will do it, so... I want it ;___; Please?
Oh, and... what would it be when it's staying in Norway? Because I know someone there '_'
It's yours if you want it ^^
To a Norwegian adress it'd be $9/6.50€, if it's that what you mean :3
Awww, I want it! *was craving for shirt like this for an eternity*
She says it's okay to send it to Germany then, 'cause there's no big difference regarding the price.
So, would you send me everything I need to know please? *_* I guess email would be better than such a public place, ne?
Okay :3
I suppose you're paying with paypal? :3 my paypal adress is
Any other stuff can be sent to